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​NUSC (Naval Undersea Warfare Center)
Various buildings--totaling approximately 25,000 Yds--Carpet Tile Modular Lift Systems

US Army Corps of Engineers
Concord, MA
20,000 Yds of Modular Lift System

KMK Construction

Tyler Phillips

406 H.L. Dow Hwy, #15, Eliot, ME  03903

Telephone: 207.475.4979

Building 1284 Evans Hall, Newport War College

10,000 Feet--Rubber Flooring

Tip O'Neal Building, Boston, MA

10,000 Yards of Carpet Tile--Common Areas (5 Floors)

AHLBORG Construction

21 College Hill Road, Warwick, RI  02886

Telephone: 401.681.4949

Eastern Construction, Springfield, MA  

Larry Smith


Newport Navy Hospital

Demolition of existing ceramic tile; install new VCT--all work performed after-hours

Newport Navy War College

Sean Bogden

Navy War College Library--Sheet vinyl installed in dining area; Hard-surfaced sheet vinyl with heat-welded seams


Pat Tracy

New England Technical Institute; Furnish and Installed Carpet Tile

New England Institute of Technology

Groton Naval Base, CT

Abbott Labs

Brooksby Village Assisted Living

Emerald Bay Assisted Living

Nantucket--White Elephant

Johnson and Wales University


"Nothing brightens up a workspace and office morale like brand new carpeting!"

Powerstretch Carpet, Incorporated (PSC) will install your new carpet at a time most convenient to you--weekends, nights or during the day, using our unique carpet tile Modular Lift System equipment. 

Our modular Lift equipment will lift your office workstations and wall partitions just inches off the floor.  The old existing carpet is removed and new carpet tile is installed.

Your office workstations, walls, desks, files, electrical, data communications and computers will all remain in place, without any disruption to your business "While It Sleeps"!

The next morning the only thing that has changed is the new carpet in your office area. 

By using the modular lift system your average savings is over 50-75% compared to the old conventional way of dismantling your modular workstations, disconnecting electrical, data communications, and moving of all computers, telephones, and personnel to a designated area.  The next morning all office workstations have to be re-assembled.  All electrical, data reconnected and personnel moved back into the area.  That's a loss of production.



Carpet Tile, as the name suggests, is a piece of carpet approximately 18" x 18" or 24" by 24" that is manufactured with a PVC rubber backing.  There are many styles, patterns, thicknesses, and textures available.  The primary advantage is that a single damaged tile can be replaced with relative ease instead of replacing an entire room or carpet.

1. Project Manager coordinates install schedule with customer
2. Employees pack personal belongings; Powerstretch Carpet will provide plastic crates
3. All free-standing furniture will be moved out of the area and replaced after carpet installation
4. Modular Lift System used, carpet removed
5. Carpet Tiles are installed
6. Office workstations are lowered
7. All cables and connections tested
8. All carpet vacuumed
9. Turn out the lights
10. Employees returned Amazed!

100% Customer Satisfaction!
We are bonded and insured.